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Watch This High-Def TimeLapse Video to Experience London's Breathtaking Christmas Lights! 

Whether you live in a big city or just visit one from time to time, we're sure you'll agree that watching twinkling Christmas lights above a bustling urban street is a wonderful pastime of the holiday season. And some cities, like London, really go all out around Christmastime. 

Lucky for those of us who don't live anywhere near London, a man named Mattia Bicchi uploaded some incredible TimeLapse footage of the city's gorgeous Christmas lights last year. Here's what Mattia had to say about his video project: 

"After four years from my last Xmas TimeLapse of London, I thought that it would be great to make another Short TimeLapse & Hyperlapse Film about the amazing atmosphere and decorations that makes London such a great city to visit during Christmas time. 

Putting the whole video together took me roughly a month while I shot the beautiful and well known Christmas lights at Oxford and Regent Street, Trafalgar Square and the astonishing Covent Garden. During this time I also had the opportunity to film the light up of the 18,000 lights at the Churchill Arms Pub in Kensington and the last SuperMoon of the year." 

See the breathtaking footage below!

15 Festive Fingernails for the Christmas Season 

Deck the halls and bedeck your paws for this holiday season! You can bring some Christmas spirit into your life by sporting a new nail design every week leading up to December 25th, or do a grand reveal of your favorites on Christmas morning. Either way, we think it's important to have some options to choose from. Here is some fun and creative nail art to get the ol' wheels turning. Click on the pictures for artists, polish info and tutorials. Happy painting!

1. Ruby Red, Golden Outlines

This is a true classic right here. We love the simple yet elegant gold silhouette and luscious ruby color.

2. Snow Day

So cute, and not too difficult!

3. Let it Snow


These flirty, slightly retro nails would be perfect for a casual Christmas party.

4. Snowy Night

A little more complex texturally, but totally worth the effort!

5. Wreaths and Trees

You can't go wrong with this fun and festive design! 

6. Reindeer 


Slip on a black dress and bring a little glamour to the party with these shiny gold claws.

7. Shimmery Penguin 


 Probably the most adorable design we've ever seen!

8. What Child is This?


 This one shows not only an appreciation for style, but for tradition as well! 

9. Green and Glittery


We love this shimmery green design with the holly detailing.

10. Snowflakes and Green Candy Canes


What would Christmas be without candy canes?

11. Winter Polar Bears


This design is ideal for young kids and/or ugly Christmas sweater parties, we think.

12. Christmas Trees  


Sweet, simple, and to the point. The stick-on star adds a nice touch.

13. Christmas Dream


Wow! If you can pull it off, power to you! You'll definitely be the talk of the party.

14. Snowmen and Snowflakes


We LOVE a lacy white snowflake and those snowmen are just beyond adorable.

15. Christmas Tree and Snow


Here's a creative design anybody can take on. Gotta love that sequin snow!

Author: Nate Morgan