Watch the bear who had never experienced Christmas until the hare came. So moving! Grab the tissues. (Video)

Christmas is all about a centuries-old tale but in recent years, a new set of Yuletide stories have been taking over the collective British consciousness. The blockbuster one was all about a friendship between a bear and a hare.

John Lewis premiered its Christmas advert ‘The Bear and the Hare’ in 2013. Blending visuals from The Animals of Farthing Wood and Bambi, the £7 million animated advert tells the story of a bear who has never seen Christmas.

John Lewis is not alone in investing in festive fairytales. Marks and Spencer have opted for an Alice in Wonderland-esque story of magic and glitz and glam, whilst Lego evokes childhood recollections. In the words of a YouTube comment, “I still remember building with Lego as a child with my Dad, brings back so many memories”.


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  • Barbara D'Silva
    Barbara D'Silva Thunder Bay, Ontario, CANADA
    Beautiful animation and a wonderful story!

    Beautiful animation and a wonderful story!

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